10 Tips for interviews

Interviews can either land us the job or give us one of those unfortunate “don’t call us we will call you” lines that some of us know very well. So it is obviously a good idea to know what you are meant to do in an interview to get the job. Before knowing what to do, we have to learn about what people usually do in an interview that usually ends up with them not getting the job. So the next are 10 Mistakes job seekers do in an interview and how to avoid them and hopefully land that job.

  1. Wearing inappropriate clothes

We have to look the part when we are going to interviews. You have to look presentable and that you are a neat person worthy of employment. Preparing the clothes you will wear at the interview the day before can help one be presentable on the day of the interview. It also portrays the fact that we can take care of ourselves.

  1. Being Late

You will seem as though you do not care for the job and even worse you seem as though they do not respect the interviewers and their time. What can we do to try to arrive on time or better yet early for an interview? You can start by having an old age advice of having our watches 15 munites ahead. You can also always have an extra hour or better yet an extra two hours worth of travel time because everyone knows traffic can be brutal in the morning so coming out the house early can help us in arriving early at the interview.

  1. Not giving Eye contact

Eye contact is important in the sense that it can tell the interviewers whether the answers you gave them you mean them or not. It also tell them that you know what you are talking about. So we need to give eye contact to make sure you are someone who not only means what he says but he also says what he means.

  1. Using informal language/slang

People lose jobs because they talk to interviewers who are usually potential bosses by talking as though they are talking to their friends. This is wrong because it shows that you become too familiar with people you just met and that you lack respect to some level. So we have to formally address the people who are interviewing us and make sure to not use slang when answering questions.

  1. Smoking before the interview

Some people are not very tolerant to cigarette smoke and some can smell it and it can make them very uncomfortable. The smell of cigarette smoke can seem as though you are inconsiderate and careless. We know you want to calm your nerves but you should also remember you can still smoke after the interview.

  1. Not telling the truth

Not telling the truth about who we are what we do can really come back to trouble us in the future. It can show that we are unreliable to say the least. So we have to tell the truth at all interviews and when filling forms for employment.

  1. Being arrogant

Being arrogant can show a side of being prideful and boastful. It can make our employers think we’re hard to work it. So we do not need to be arrogant even when we know we are good at what we do. We have to show sincerity, we are down to earth and that we are willing to learn when we can.

  1. Criticizing the company and some employees

This one is one of those no nos because by criticizing people we seem as though we are above them and that we are better. That might bother the interviewers a bit. What we need to do is state the mistakes of the employees and maybe company and suggest ways of  moving forward.

  1. Looking ‘Uninterested’

When we act or look like we are uninterested it tells the interviewers that we care less about the job and we came to the interview to while away time. We have to look lively and make sure we always have a smile on our faces because that shows we are in the moment, we are excited and we are probably honored.

  1. Arguing with the interviewers

This is also a very bad no no. We do not have to argue with the interviewers even when we know their opinions about us are wrong, even when we can sense that they do not know what they are talking about. What we need to do is nod and seem like we understand. We should not forget why we are are there. We are there to get hired not to argue with people we deem do not know what they talking about. Having a smile on your face shows you are grounded and not threatened.

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