Registry Clerk Wanted Pretoria

Office of the Surveyor General
SALARY : R226 611 per annum (Level 07)
CENTRE : Gauteng (Pretoria)

REQUIREMENTS : A Matric /Grade 12 Certificate. 3 years relevant experience. Job related
knowledge: Registry duties, practices as well as the ability to capture data and
operate a computer; Understanding of legislation framework governing the public
service; Storage and retrieval procedures in terms of working environment. Job
related skills: planning and organisation; Computer literacy; Interpersonal
relations; Flexibility; Communication (verbal and written). Team work. Working
under pressure. Meeting deadlines.

DUTIES : Supervise and provide registry counter services. Attend to clients. Handle
telephonic and other enquiries received. Receive and register hand delivered
mail/files. Supervise the handling of incoming and outgoing correspondence.
Supervise the reception and receive all mail. Supervise and sort, register and
dispatch mail. Distribute notices on registry issues. Supervise and render effective
filing and record management services. Open and close files according to the
record classification system. Filing/storage tracing (electronically/manually) and
retrieve documents and files. Ensure and complete index cards for all files.
Supervise the operation and operate office machine in relation to registry functions.
Open and maintain franking machine register. Frank post, record money and
update register on a daily basis. Conduct spot checks on post to ensure that no
private post is included. Lock post in postbag for messenger to deliver to the post
office. Open and maintain remittance register. Record all valuable articles as
prescribed in remittance register. Hand deliver and signs over remittance to
finance. Send wrong remittances back to sender via registered post and record
reference number in register. Keep record daily of amount of letters franked.
Supervise the processing and classify the documents for archiving and disposal.
Electronic scanning of files. Sort and classified files for archiving and distributions.
Compile list of documents to be archived and submit to the supervisor. Keep
records for archived documents. Supervise human resource/staff. Allocate and
ensure quality of work. Personnel development. Assess staff performance.
Maintains discipline.

How to Apply

APPLICATIONS : Applications can also be submitted by post Private Bag X01, Arcadia, 0007 or hand
it delivered to: Suncardia Building, Cnr Steve Biko and Stanza Bopape Street,

NOTE : African, Coloured, Indian and White males and African, Coloured and Indian
females and Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply

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