SALARY : R90 234 –R106 290 per annum (Level 2)
CENTRE : Chris Hani District, Cala Hospital

REQUIREMENTS : ABET OR Grade 10 with 0-2 years’ work experience. Knowledge of general work
and cleaning services. Communication skills (read & write). Team player.

DUTIES : Provide cleaning services: clean all the designated areas such as ward bed/ side,
Doctors room, change room, toilets. Clean all items such as windows, wall, basins,
sinks, lockers and pans. Sweep, mop and polish all floors of the designated areas
in the institution. Provide routine general and compliance services: open windows
every for hygiene and infection control purposes. Damp and dry dusting. Empty
dustbins in all the designated areas in the institution. Periodically assess and
update toilet cleaning check lists in line with set hygienic standards. Request and
replace toilet papers / towels and hand wash soap. Remove and store waist in the
designated area. Sort and clean soiled linen. Sluice linen and put linen in the linen
bag. Fetch food from the kitchen. Wash dishes utensils. Report safety and hazards
treats in the cleaning environment. Provide routine maintenance services: clean
and take proper care of cleaning equipment. Store and safe guard cleaning
material and equipment. Report electrical or mechanical malfunctioning of cleaning
machines and other related equipment. Requisition and replenish cleaning
material as and when required.

CLOSING DATE : 02 March 2018

ENQUIRIES : Ms Z Sentile – Tel No 047 874 8000

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