40 Bursaries Available at BANKSETA

The Association of Accounting Technicians (SA) are recruiting for a bursary funded by the BANKSETA x40 Bursaries Available for PhD Candidates

FINAL CALL FOR BURSARY APPLICATIONS: Doctoral And Post-Doctoral Research Funding

Minimum Funding Value: R25 000.00 to R50 000.00 per annum
Maximum Funding Value: R200 000.00 or four Years

The BANKSETA Council has indicated that there is a continuing need for the funding of skills development for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research studies pertinent to the broader banking and inclusive banking (micro-finance) sector.

The need is expressed for funding of Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Research programmes, offered by South African Institutions of Higher Education.

The rationale for funding the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programmes is to address the following:

  • Provide financial support and assistance primarily to previously disadvantaged individuals who are engaging in Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research within the banking and microfinance sector; maths and science as well as learning and development:
  •  Stimulate research pertinent to the broader banking and microfinance sector to support the growth and development of the financial services sector;
  • Grow the knowledge economy by encouraging research and innovation in new fields that will add to the body of knowledge for the banking and microfinance sector and learning and development in South Africa.
  • Make research results available in the interest of the financial services sector and the South African economy as a whole.
  • Increase the pool of previously disadvantaged individuals graduating with a doctoral degree to contribute to achieving transformation targets in the sector

The BANKSETA will consider funding applications from 1 employees of BANKSETA registered employers to provide support to employees who want to pursue their doctoral or post-doctoral studies 2 Lecturers from public TVET Colleges, Universities of Technology and Universities who want to complete their doctoral studies by completing their dissertation in the financial services sector; maths and science and learning and development.

The Association of Accounting Technicians (SA) are recruiting for a bursary funded by the BANKSETA x40 Bursaries Available for PhD Candidates

How to Apply

The application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

1. A copy of the student’s ID

2. Proof of registration from the university

3. The fully completed application form

4. Approved research proposal with confirmation from the University (not a prescribed requirement for first year doctoral student)

5. Progress Report (if student is applying for funding for subsequent year of study)




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