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Free100Forex offers a wide range of promotions to its clients. Whether you are planning to trade with No Deposit Forex option, or you want to take the help of trading experts, Free100Forex provides you everything you need.

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This is just an overview of our courses. If you require more info on a particular course you can click on the course and it will take you the a more detailed page about that course.

The Metatrader 4 Platform

This course is meant for absolute beginners that have not done any demo or live trading in Forex yet.

It teaches the platform or software that is used as an interface to the broker through which all trading transactions take place. I displays the currency pair price charts from which we trade, as well as indicators, chart objects, trading results, etc. We use this platform to analyse our trades and then open and close transactions. No actual trading principles are taught. This is taught in the other courses.

Forex Trading Master Course – New Improved!

This course is for beginners and teach all the important aspects of Forex trading that is required to be a successful trader.

Here the trainee is taught how to select the best market, best day and time, best brokers and curency pairs to trade with. We teach all about risk/money management and how to calculate the optimal lot size to place on a particular trade, how to select the best quality trades, where to put your StopLosses and Take Profits, etc.

We also teach about the psycological aspects of trading, and the phases a new trader goes through. Also price and candlestick patterns, indicators, etc.

We teach about 6 ways to trade with MT4 alone and teach some winning approaches and strategies.

Winning Strategies & Systems

This is where we teach you a proven profitable system that we gurantee will help you to be successful – if applied as taught in the class.

The system is traded on live acoounts for their own benefit by the course lecturers.

We spell out everything so that there are no grey areas – and supply you with a checklist of conditions for a quality trade. We assist in setting up your computer in the class and teach you how to trade the system before you leave. We also do simulation trading in the class to emulate live trading.

This system is continuously optimized to stay profitable in changing markets and updated for free to all trainees.


We have now added the option of a second day which will be dedicated to practical trading – both live on a demo account as well as on the simulator


We strongly recommend that the trainee must consider taking both the Forex Trading Master Course and Winning Strategies & Systems as a bundle, which will equip him/her with everything necessary to become a successful Forex trader.

Bundle “A” is available on a substantial discount.

3 month’s Forex Trading Course (full time)

This course is aimed at people who have time every morning (9h00 – 13h00) to attend class and who are looking to build a career in the Forex industry.

This course offers the unique privilege to trade with a professional Forex trader during the last 5 or so weeks of the course.

This course has at least an 8 times higher probability (from 10% to 80%) in creating successful and profitable Forex traders – than the normal day classes that last only a couple of days.

At the end of the course most (if not all) students should be ready to earn income from Forex trading.

3 month’s Forex Trading Course (after hours)

This course is aimed at people who have a full time job that can only attend after hours and on weekends, and who want to earn some extra income or are looking to build a full time career in the Forex industry.

This course offers the unique privilege to trade with a professional Forex trader during the last weeks of the course, as well as in a 3 days workshop at the end of the course

Probability of becoming a successful and profitable trader is immensely enhanced (in comparison with day classes) by attending this course.

At the end of the course students should be ready to earn income from Forex trading.

How to Build a Profitable Forex Home Business

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